Titleist Performance Institute



For nearly two decades TPI has functionally screened thousands of golfers of all standards, evaluating and refining the best way to physically deliver club to ball. At the same time, TPI has helped fitness professionals educate their clients to move and play better.

At MIND BODY GOLF®, we take you through a detailed TPI screening to assess body movement limitations and restrictions relative to your golf swing. Then we prepare a bespoke golf fitness improvement plan. We assess current health, mobility, stability, strength, golf bio-mechanics, nutrition and hydration – all in the pursuit of enhancing your enjoyment of golf.


The TPI screening allows us to establish a golf fitness handicap for you as well as a detailed insight of your swing through the TPI Body-Swing Connection™ function. Through discussion and agreement with you, this information is then used to create your bespoke golf fitness programme.

Butch Harmon

If you’re in the business of coaching, physically training or medically evaluating golfers, TPI Certification should be mandatory.

+1 Handicap.

“I was starting to feel a lack of speed and flexibility in my golf swing…..not to mention some post round tweaks in my back. It turns out that young children and too much desk time isn’t terribly good for your body! I went to Paul for an initial Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) screening, and the process completely opened my eyes to how inefficient my body had become with regards to producing an effective golf swing. The MBG programme provides a relaxed and welcoming environment to learn how to improve your movement with the correct form from an extremely knowledgeable and credible teacher. I can already feel the benefits after only a few weeks, and can relate this back to my initial TPI screening. I can’t wait to see how my movement progresses and improves over the coming weeks and months. I highly recommend MBG to anyone looking to improve their movement and keep their golf competitive.”